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Belewo Specialised Fish Farm


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Location : Plot 22 Adewale Close Mosan, Ipaja, Lagos, Lagos, Nigeria

His real name is Israel Adediran, but not many people know him by that name. However, when you say Mr. Fish, it echoes far and wide in the nation’s fish improvement and production terrain. This is a result of Mr. Fish’s revolutionary work in farming for the past thirteen years. His journey into the world of fish farming began in 1993 when, having seen his innovative skills in ornamental fish production, his pastor, Bishop David Oyedepo, advised him to channel his uncommon skill in fish rearing into eatable fish production. He had set up a successful aquarium business, which he called Spectrum Aquatics, using natural life plants. Following his pastor wise guidance, that producing fish for foods was more needed and would therefore be more profitable than decorative fish, since Nigerians needed food more than beauty; Mr. Fish decided to switch gear.
According to him, “it took me three years to work on his admonition (he told this in 1993). So in 1996, I put myself together and said I am going to influence the fish revolution in Nigeria. “And today, I thank God, a thousand of people doing catfish today has passed through me, and they are using very improved approach, new innovations, and new techniques.
“In 1995, university students were stocking 2 catfish in a square meter space growing into 200 grams in nine months. But today, you can put 200 catfish in the same meter space (not two) and in five months they will grow into 1kg. You can see that transformation, and you don’t need to go through the four walls of a university to learn it like I did for seven years. All you need is to sit in front of somebody for seven hours, and you begin to practice”.
Since 1999, on the platform of success Attitude Development Centre, SADC, when the organization first held its first Business Opportunity Expo, Mr. Fish has been imparting knowledge to thousands of people across the country, from different walks of life and educational background (from primary school leavers to PHD holders) with his deep knowledge and experience in cat-fish farming in a way that everyone could understand and implement. Holding nothing back from his students, the highly skilled and informed Mr. Fish has successfully transferred his expertise into teeming students, over a hundred of which have gone ahead to become millionaires farming catfish.
Then in January 2007, he landed an appointment that was to take his success in fish farming to another level. He was hired as a consultant to Covenant University’s Entrepreneurial Development Study, EDS program, and was mandated to teach the students and produce about twelve thousand fishes from ten grams to one kilogram in one-fifth of a plot, and then produce about a hundred juvenile fishes. That meant he was to inject two to five female fishes and have them produce from ten to thirty thousand babies that will grow to finger size in about two months.
Ordinarily, this was a piece of cake for the prodigiously capable and experienced Mr.Fish. The assignment was right in the domain he had been familiar with for about a decade as at then. There was adequately supply of water and constant electricity in a comfortable environment, so the fish project succeed, and Mr. Fish was looking forward to passing his skill also to the young people who may later become fish consultants, fingerlings and feed producers, and farmers when they leave school.
But something inexplicable happened! “We did PH test for water, and it was neutral. So we expected every thing to go right. But in the third day, after injecting the fish and hatching the babies, we found out that from over ten thousand, we only had about six thousand left. On the fourth day, they all died.
“My folks there didn’t want to tell me immediately, so they did another set, and the same thing happened. They now had to call my attention to it. I went there and checked, but everything seemed to be okay. “We went to do water testing again in several places, and checked everything to find what could be wrong, but we couldn’t see anything. I started wondering if the pump we are using could have any thing to do with it, since it was unusual kind of pump. It was about 10 Horse Power, which the University management also shared with their camp ground. This pump was extremely too large, compared with the 1.5 Horse Power Pumps normally used by farmers.
“So, I started suspecting the pump and wondering what it could be doing to the water. Then I went on internet research, and I found a company boasting about the efficiency of their pump on their website, stating that their pump conforms to low voltage resolution. That means if your current is low you can use it, and that’s good for us here in Nigeria.
“They wrote another thing that was interesting. They said their pump also conforms to electromagnetic compatibility act, EZ resolution, 1992. This drew my attention to the fact that there could be something electromagnetism that is “killing the water”. And I made up my mind to found out about what it could be,” expresses Mr. Fish. Without anyone at home who explains to him what could be killing his fishes to consult, Mr. Fish zoomed his focus on Singapore.
“I thought of searching for the solution in the UK or US, but a country struck me- Singapore. It is just a small country, about the same size of Bayelsa state, and a little bigger than Ogbomosho local government area, and they are about 3.4 million people. But they produce thirty percent of the world’s tropical fish and their airport is the second largest cargo airport in the world. Fish is the number one thing from that airport. So with common sense, I decided to go there, “says Mr. Fish, explaining his choice of country to get the needed solution.
To Singapore went Mr. Fish as he headed for a fish exhibition that was taking place there. Some days to the program, he found out there was a particular material few farmers were using for their fish, to make them grow better than in other places. Sensing his interest for the material, one of the farmers introduced it to him. It was a simple piece of glass, which is called Bio Disc, and which Mr. Fish bought and brought down to Nigeria.
On getting back home, and eager to test if the piece of glass would remedy the problem he was embarrassingly having in his assignment with Covenant University, Mr.Fish placed the Biodisc on the pipe tat transported water from the pump to the fish pond, and watched.
Six days, seven days, none of the fish died! And that wasn’t all. The production was remarkably heavier! “From one fish we got over twenty thousand pieces. It got the Chancellor of the University happy, and the rest is now history! In fact, a farmer is incomplete if he is not using live water. What is the point using dead water to do your fish farming when you can get better results using life water,” Mr.Fish admonishes. And explaining how the Biodisc did the “magic”, Mr.Fish says, “The magnet and the coil in the pump create electric field to be able to move the water up. And as the water is pumped up, the pump imparts transverse electromagnetism into the water, which distorts the molecular structure of the water, and therefore de- energizes it. This robs it of life.
“Also, like any equipment that has electric motor and coil, water pumps rotate in a clockwise direction, which we call the negative spin of life (support life), as against clock wise direction, which is the supportive spin of life (support life). Therefore, the water molecules are made are made to rotate in the negative spin of life. “The use of water pumps obviously “kill the water”, and the greater the Horse Power, the more adverse the condition becomes, as was in our case where all the fishes died in few days. “How the Biodisc solved the problem was to restructure the molecules of the water to their natural hexagonal kind of shape in which it is energized. It also reverses the direction of the spin to clockwise to anticlockwise-the positive spin of life.”
Although the Bio-disc had an enormous impact on Mr. Fish’s fish production, that however is not the only use for it. Indeed, the water material, which was invented barely two years ago by a British surgeon named Lan Lyons, and used on his son who had leukemia for some months and got healed, can be used in all areas of life to energize material and bring them back to their normal structures, which support life.
As Mr. Fish explained before, water that passes through an electric pumping machine is de-energized and doesn’t support life. And since most of the water people drink passes trough electric pumping machine is de-energized and doesn’t support life. And since most of the water people drink in the cities actually get pumped by electric pumps. It therefore means the type of water people drink fall short of the normal energy level and life giving potential of natural water- which partly why people die so young these days.
To show the awesome energy in energized water, and how strong it could make people who use it become, Mr. Fish had four men energized with water passed over the Biodisc, and before our very eyes at SADC, with interlocked fingers, lift a grown man off his chair and placed him back effortlessly.
The Biodisc is a medical product, neither is it ingestible in application. All it takes to energize water or any substance with it is to run the substance through it, or to place it on the containing vessel of the material, or to place the containing vessel of the substance on it, like placing a cup of water on the disc for some minutes to energize the water.
According to Mr.Fish, “We do not eat fresh and natural foods in the cities anymore, before food get us from the farm in the village, it would have passed through electromagnetic radiation from the high tension cables, telecommunication masts, and other sources in our environment. As a result the molecular structure of the food get distorted, and its losses its natural energy value and life giving potential. So, it becomes a junk. Placing the Biodisc on the food, or putting it on the refrigerator, restructures the food and other things in the refrigerator back to their life giving levels.
“Biodisc, removes all the electromagnetic frequencies in the environment, which we are exposed to daily in the banks, airports, telecommunication masts, overhead electricity cables, at home from our TV set, telephone, satellite TV, microwave oven, computer, vacuum cleaner, blender, etc. by simple putting the Biodisc in your pockets you are protected fro harm by any electromagnetic radiations.
“In summary, the Biodisc converts your junk food into real life food, your water into real life water; repair your body from illness, such as diabetes, fibroid, stroke, cancer, cataract, and even AIDS. It saves you from electromagnetic rays that you are exposed to everyday and makes you to live stronger, healthier and longer. It takes care of your life stock and increasing your yield, including your agricultural produce; and it saves you on fuel. What else would you want?” Mr. Fish concludes excitedly. To complete its offering as an invention meant to restructure every aspect of human life, including his health and wellness, and finances, Biodisc is marketed world wide through a network marketing system. This ensures that referrers of product are compensated adequately and they continue to earn residual income even from the effort of those they introduce the product.
Using a binary system, the network guarantees every member, irrespective of when they joined, equal opportunity to make unlimited amount of money, depending on their effort, and progress along the way. Just a little above one year in the network, Mr. Fish has already started earning fabulously. Last year alone, he made over $20,000 even though he only promoted the device on part time. And this year he plans to pull in $180,000 with a couple of thousands of dollars already netted in since the year began. Having immensely, and single handedly revolutionized the catfish production and improvement industry in Nigeria, Israel Adediran, the one and only Mr. Fish, is now stepping beyond fish production into a new phase of his expanding career determined to spread the awareness of Bio disc as, in his words, “the most incredible device ever made by man that could influence everything about you for improvement.”


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