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Flour Mills

Cabbage Flour And Egg Plant Flour For Your Swallows


  • Cabbage Flour And Egg Plant Flour For Your Swallows
  • Cabbage Flour And Egg Plant Flour For Your Swallows


Price : ₦4,500.00(Negotiable)
Type : Sell
Date :
Location : Lagos Mainland, Lagos State, Nigeria

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Most of us who grew up in African households have inexplicable bonds with ‘swallow’. I do apologise if I’ve lost you – ‘swallow’ is the term used to describe the malleable ball of carbs, usually served as an accompaniment to a variety of vegetable and protein-filled soups and sauces.Most Nigerian swallows is prepared from a variety of carbohydrate-rich sources : cassava, yam, plantain, semolina, rice etc. The problem with a regular intake of these kinds of swallow, is that while they are very filling, they have a high carbohydrate count of about 79g of carbs per 100g of cassava.
When eaten regularly, the body repeatedly receives high doses of carbohydrates. It takes the carbs it needs, and converts this into fuel. The excess carbs are converted to glycogen for storage in the liver and muscles through a process called glycogenesis. When the liver and muscles have had enough, any more carbs that you pump into the body results in extra glucose, which is then converted to fat and stored in places like your love handles and your belly.
To combat this problem, some clever person has devised a way to swap carb-heavy ‘swallow’ for vegetables. This means that you replace your carbs with veg and in essence you’re eating veg with veg – genius! You can easily do this with any keto-compliant veg that you like the look of (some people prepare this with eggplants, instead of cabbage), a small affordable hand blender like the one pictured below and some psyllium husks. The psyllium husks are the magic ingredients. Beside binding the pureed vegetables together, but they also help to keep you full, while adding the necessary fibre to your diet.If you ever wish to loose weight faster, then this you must have. Its available now either egg plant or cabbage. The flours are easy to use and once youhave your psyllium husk,you are so good to go. Call 080 — show phone now to order yours


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