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Dwarf Coconut Agric Seed

  • Dwarf Coconut Agric Seed
  • Dwarf Coconut Agric Seed
  • Dwarf Coconut Agric Seed
  • Dwarf Coconut Agric Seed


Price : ₦4,000.00(Fixed)
Type : Sell
Date :
Location : Kubwa, Abuja (FCT) State, Nigeria

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MATAG is a short form or a nick nameof new hybrid coconut which is fromoriginal coconut from Malaysia which isMalaysia Yellow Dwarf (MYD) orMalaysia Red Dwarf (MRD) withTagnanan coconut from Philippine. Theheight of MATAG coconut can reach upto 15 feet and the leaves can begreen or orange depends on the mainMalaysia coconut tree. MATAG coconutis the new type of coconut where it canproduce approximately up to 40,000 ofcoconut per hectare each year which ismore than the normal coconut or otherhybrid coconut tree. for the first six yearsof planting the MATAG coconut tree, itwill produce lower quantity of coprawhich about 12.2kg to 36.4kg for thefirst year. MATAG coconut tree will start toproduce high quantity of copra on theseventh year which is 82.2kg comparedto 34.3kg for normal coconut. fast fruiting period of 3yrs n last upto 50yrs. we also av video of the malaysain garden we bougth from .


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