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Indonisian Soursop

  • Indonisian Soursop
  • Indonisian Soursop


Price : ₦4,500.00(Fixed)
Type : Sell
Date :
Location : Alimosho, Lagos State, Nigeria

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*introducing graviola soursop*
*Soursop / Graviola Seeds (Annona Muricata)*
*Annona muricata, Soursop, is a tropical shrub from South America, Asia and Africa. This shrub will grow to a height of 4 to 6 meters high and 3 to 4 meters large. It gives delicious fruits. Annona muricata can even be grown in pot. Annona muricata has a cylindrical trunk. The foliage is made of shiny green oblong leaves. A sweet smell emerges from the leaves when they are crushed. The flowers are green-yellow and have a sweet smell. The plant produces green fruits are called soursops. They can weight up to 6 kg and are covered with soft points. The flesh of the fruit is white and sweet-acidic. It is usually juiced instead of eaten and contains a lot of vitamins. Annona blooms all year long in tropical regions. In milder climates, it blooms in spring and at the start of summer. It is a deciduous plant, which means that it loses its leaves when it rests. The plant will take 3 to 4 years before producing fruits. Hardiness zones 10-11 (1°C/35°F,4°C/40°F) in winter. The plant dies when the temperature is below 0°C. Annonas need to be in a situation away from the wind. They are not rustic plants. The plant thrives in full sun. Watering is done once a week and abundantly. Also, remember to cut the dead branches or the ones that are too low. Keep it far from the cold and the wind. The annona can be grown in pot.*


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