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growing season

‘Growing season’ can be defined as the period of the year during which rainfall distribution characteristics
are suitable for crop germination, establishment, and full development. It is the period of the year
categorised as the rainy or wet season, the length of which varies spatially, temporally, and with crop
In a typical tropical country like Nigeria, rain falls in different months of the year at different places, as
the rainbelt appears to follow the relative northward and southward movements of the sun. In this tropical
situation of a marked seasonal rainfall regime, variability of the onset and retreat of rain is highly significant,
and its estimation and prediction are necessary. A delay of 1 or 2 weeks in the onset is sufficient to destroy
the hopes of a normal harvest (Olaniran, 1983; Jackson, 1989). A false start of planting, encouraged by
a false start of rainfall, may be followed by prolonged dry spells whose duration of 2 weeks or more
may be critical to plant germination and/or growth.